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Flea Treatment Blog

What People Must Know About Dog Flea Treatments



Dog fleas, like ticks are more than just blood sucking parasites, they are also known to cause certain illnesses and gets to transmit diseases on dogs. One common illness which is associated with flea bites is the flea allergy dermatitis. Most of the time, these flea bites would only get to cause minor irritation to the skin of their pets. But there are dogs that would develop an allergic reaction to the saliva of fleas which can cause flea allergy dermatitis. This type of condition is usually characterized by substantial irritation, aggravation and also itchiness, this would lead to frequent scratching that can result to their pets in losing their hair and fur.


Fleas are also known to be carriers of tapeworms, some fleas carry with them tapeworm larva and when these types of tapeworm infested fleas are ingested by dogs then the tapeworm infestation would start in the GI tract of dogs. The next condition which can be associated with flea bites is the flea bite enemia, this mostly happens in small puppies or in severe flea infestations in adult dogs. These fleas feed on the blood of the host so when the flea infestation is that severe, their pets would experience important blood loss. When their dogs have severe cases of anemia, iron supplements, blood transfusion and hospitalization would be necessary for their pets to have. If pet owners would let the flea infestation to be untreated then the flea bite anemia would cause death to the dogs. Know how to get rid of fleas on dogs here!


One of the commonly used remedies for dog fleas is the flea collar, these flea collars would work by having to emit toxic gases to the fleas which can then get to be absorbed into the subcutaneous layers of the skin of dogs. This kind of toxic gas is mostly known to be effective in the areas of the neck and also head.


Another good method of controlling the fleas in dogs is through using monthly medications and when trying to choose a specific dog flea treatment, people must choose one that is easy to administer, efficient and also safe. People must also make sure that they can consult their veterinarian if they are not sure which one of these is the best one for their dog to purchase. People must also know the correct dosage before they can get to administer the right flea medicine for dogs.